B2B Ecommerce in full effect.

Treat your customers with a modern time B2B shopping experience and benefit from all the work being done for you.

A solution for every branche

Whether you're a wholesaler, producer or a distributor, you'll benifit from these features.

Reduce your cost

Automate your sales processes to free up your time and reduce manual order entries to decrease human errors.

Increase your revenue

Increase the order frequency and order value of your customers to maximize your profits.

Improve your customer service

Provide your customers with great self service possibilities where they can check on invoices, re-order previous purchases and more.

Digital product catalog

  • Advanced category and filtering functionality to showcase your products.
  • Smart product search which will help your customer in quickly finding the right product.
  • Banner locations on strategic places to highlight or promote discount deals or specific products, services or product groups.

Catalog restrictions

  • Hide prices from your competitors and peak the interest from potential customers.
  • Approve account requests before customers can start ordering to make managing and categorizing customers easier.
  • Force login so customers are sure to order via the required account and have their own prices and quotes.

Payments & Quotes

  • Give customers the ability to pay directly online while making a purchase.
  • Make life easier for trusted customers by ordering on their own payment conditions.
  • Provide new customers with an option to request quotes on products they would like and get more leads.

Quick ordering

  • Make purchasing favorite products quick and easy using customer-specific product lists which customers can create and edit themselves.
  • Customers are able to re-order previous orders with just a few clicks from their account history in their own account environment.
  • Using the B2B webstore template, customers can easily add multiple products to the cart straight from a category page, either from a grid or list view. Whatever you prefer.

Customer accounts

  • Let your customer keep track on their orders and invoices from their own account.
  • Give your customers the ability to add, remove and edit any shipping or invoice details without having to talk to customer service.
  • Customers can easily see what they have ordered and can reorder with just a few clicks.

Ready for integrations

  • Having an open connection, we can integrate with your other business systems.
  • Integrates with your administrative or ERP software to leiminate manual work.
  • Connect your email marketing software to target customers in a personalized matter.

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