6 tips for your search for a B2B Webstore

You’re made the decision. You want a B2B webstore for your wholesale business. It’s time for online success! You google something and quickly find out that you have to think about something if you want to make an informed choice for certain ecommerce software and a certain supplier. These 6 tips will help you orientate on your decission.

  1. What’s the plan?

What do you actually want to achieve with your B2B webshop? It is no longer possible to be online purely for being online. The question is; what are your goals Think of objectives in the field of existing customers, orders and order value, but also objectives in the field of acquisition. You also create awith your B2B webshop powerful lead generation tool! And not unimportant: What do you want to achieve internally? Are there process improvements to be made through automation?

2. Who What Where

Who should be involved in an implementation, but above all: Who will soon be working with the webshop? Provide an ecommerce boss who knows the process and the software in any case or get to know and engage others to this blind avoid stains. Think of someone who does the marketing, the people who process the orders, the warehouse, the customer service, etc. Can people’s tasks also be automated? Think about who will do what and where this will happen in the process.

3. The contents

No webshop without products: What is in the shop? Your entire range? And how do you present this? Think about what information you want to show with your products without it flooding your customer. What is relevant and what is not? What other information do you want to have available on the webshop? And if you have an extensive range, how do you ensure a powerful navigation? Think about your category structure and how you want to use filters.

4. User experience

If you want to remember one thing in the choices you make here, your business customer is shopping differently than a consumer who goes shopping on the couch in the evening. Your customer is used to a certain way of online shopping, but the intention differs enormously. Your business customer has a task to place an order with you and therefore has different emotions than a customer who just strolls around to see everything. A smooth clear finish is desired for this target group. In addition, consider whether there are specific functionalities that are important to your customer or have added value .

5. There is no truth without data

Without data, you can notanything sayabout the success of your webshop. You have to read this somewhere. What is data that you want to be able to measure from the webshop so that you can say something about objectives and performance? Don’t go too far about this, think mainly about main objectives and what information you need for this, and from there you can think of other subsets of that data that relevant may be.

6. The software choice

There it is, at the very latest: Which software should you have? Have a look around what package suits you. You have a rough idea of ​​what you need because of course you have gone through the previous five points thoroughly. Be informed about the possibilities of integrations between different software packages if this is necessary and pay more attention to the software with which you at least 80% of your wishes can fulfill.

And now? Get to work! Think about these 6 points and get well informed. A few more tips not to get bogged down in a gigantic wish document:

  • Keep the 80% of your customers in mind. Do not make choices for the 20% of your customers who may also influence the 80% of your customers (unwanted).
  • Limit yourself to the most important requirements. It is best to keep an idea list next to it that you can easily check whether it would be possible in the future to do this with a certain software, but do not include it in the hard requirements.
  • Do not stare blindly at your competitor. Do they measure everything? Have they made choices that all resulted in more profit, more customers, more optimization? Do not you know. In any case, the question is whether they have the same objectives as you.