B2B e-commerce feature: Quotes

Why use quotes on your Magento B2B store?

Requesting quotes is a commonly used practice in the wholesale market. Most B2B customers first want a specific price overview which they can compare and then make a decision where they are going to buy their products. Because this is the first communication between you and your potential customers it is crucial that this goes fast and user friendly. In this blog we describe how the quote functionality of Amasty can assist you in creating quotes on your Magento B2B store for your clients.

Advantages of the request a quote functionality

  • Customers can create and request quotes 24/7.
  • Customers will have an actual overview of their current quotes and status.
  • When the quote is approved customers can directly buy the product with their own payment method.
  • Less time is spend on administrative task of creating and adjusting quotes.

How does the request a quote proces works?

  • Customers can create products to a quote list and directly request quotes for multiple items.
  • Quotes are listed in the account of the client so a customer can see the actual status of a quote.
  • Admin receives a notification of the quote and can adjust the pricing and approve the quote for the customer.
  • The customer receives a notification that the quote is approved and can directly order the products on the webstore.

Want to see how it works?

Contact us for more information or take a look at our demo environment for the request a quote functionality.